There are no limitations of who we can give to as long as the charitable organization is recognized as such by the IRS 501c(3).


The Trust will not consider applications from any institution or organization any more frequently than once every 12 months, whether the result of the previous application was positive or negative.  The Trust will not consider applications from any institution or organization receiving a multiyear grant until all payments of that grant have been made.


Only written applications can be considered.  Both telephone and personal interviews are discouraged unless initiated by the Trust.  The Trust will reply promptly in writing to all inquiries that are addressed specifically to it.

All applicants will be notified in writing of the Trust’s final decision regarding their proposals, usually within two weeks after the Trustees’ meeting that concludes each grant cycle.

Unfortunately, the number of worthy projects greatly exceeds the ability to respond favorably. Cowles Charitable Trust regrets it is not feasible to engage in correspondence or telephone conversations with applicants regarding its reasons for declining a request.


A check and/or payment schedule is enclosed in all grant notifications.  The Trust asks that all grant recipients acknowledge their receipt of Trust funds in writing.  A brief final report must be sent to the Trust within sixty days following the program period for which the grant was given, or following the expenditure of the granted funds, whichever occurs first.  This report should state if the objectives of the grant were met, and if not, why not.  Of special interest to the Trust is any on going effects from the grant.  Failure to submit a final report will jeopardize any future grant requests.  Progress, financial and other reports are requested by the Trust as needed.